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Welcome to Our Brand New Website!!!

We are so excited that we are starting a new chapter in Ahalt International Ministries. We hope that you will find the new site to be informative and inspiring. We want you to have access to tools that will help you to grow in your faith and to provide you with real-time information on what we are doing and where we are. We will be featuring a blog in this space that we both will be taking turns writing and we will also be featuring more pictures and videos from our missions work. Ahalt International Ministries is having an impact on the world! We are raising up leaders, both here in the US and in other countries. We are discipling nations, taking the Gospel of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of influence. We are bringing transformation, affecting change in government, culture and individual lives.

We invite you to join us here on a regular basis to see what you we are doing, learn more about God, be challenged and encouraged, and to partner with us as we walk together on a journey into uncharted territory. Our future is bright and the best is yet to come! Be blessed!